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Meezan Bank



Donation Account

  • Account Title: Maderassa Al-Ilm
  • Account #: 01150100298953
  • Branch Code: 0115-DHA Phase II Ext. BR-Karachi
  • IBAN: PK72MEZN0001150100298953
  • SWIFT Code: MEZNPKKA01150100298953
  • Address: Garibsons Building 12th Comm Street DHA Phase II Ext. Karachi.

Meezan Bank




Zakat Account

  • Account Title: Maderassa Al-Ilm
  • Account #: 01070100292268
  • Branch Code: 0107-Clifton BR-Karachi
  • IBAN: PK61MEZN0001070100292268
  • SWIFT Code: MEZNPKKA01070100292268
  • Address: Ground Floor Al Karam Center BCI Block 7 Clifton Karachi.

Donation Form

Undertaking for Donation Funding
  • Dear Madam/Sir, ASSALAM ALAIKUM, WE/I, hereby assure that the funds are being donated to “MADERASSA AL-ILM” for the purpose of following welfare activities-
    1. To undertake digging of well for the under privileged people of Thar Sind.
    2. To provide Hospitals and dispensaries support for the poor.
    3. To provide installation of water pumps.
    4. To carry-out construction of houses.
    5. To offer free Education to deserving Students.
    6. To support publication of Qur’anic Paras and booklets.
    We/I, hereby intend to send donations during the period from Aug 2021 to Aug 2022 for the purpose mentioned hereinabove.

  • Donation to: Maderassa Al-Ilm.
    Contact #: 03008211639, 02135882073
    Email: contactus@al-ilm.com
    Address: 12-C, 21st Commercial street DHA phase II ext, Karachi, Pakistan