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Healing the Society

Jugnu – Adult Literacy Program

New Century Education – a private organization- has developed this phonetic literacy program after 5 years of research. They have developed a curriculum of four books, called Jugnu Sabaq. In a period of 3 months an unlettered adult is able to read the newspaper and write letters. The curriculum is available in many languages for any one interested in adult literacy. It can be used for older children as well.

Our students purchased the Urdu Jugnu Sabaq , got training from a trainer and launched this program in “Chanesar Goth” to teach a group of women and older children. They have completed 2 books to date.

As a learning incentive for the women and their families, the group organized a free medical camp, distributed food & snacks, gave advice on cleanliness and hygiene, taught duas & distributed cloth bags.