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An Islamic education programme for the contemporary woman. Quest is designed to help you fulfill your religious obligations with a well-informed base, deal with the most commonly encountered situations at home, at the work place and when socializing by applying the correct code of Islamic conduct.

Program Modules

A four modules programme in English, once a week (join any or all).

The modules are:

Tajweed/Hifz: Reading of the Qur’an in the Prophet’s (PBUH) traditional pronunciation (narration of Hafs-un-Asim).

Tafseer: Simple explanation of selected chapters of the Qur’an for basic understanding of the text in its contextual reference, based on ahadith of the Prophet (PBUH).

Basic Arabic Grammar: An insight into the language of Qur’an. Arabic is the key to unlock the treasures of the Qur’an.

Fiqh of Love & Marriage: Understanding intricate details of the basic human relationship of husband and wife.

Quick Details

Program CoordinatorSara Asif
DaysThursday afternoons
Timings3:15pm - 5:35pm
Duration2 year certificate course. Admissions are open.
Venue12-C, 21st Commercial Street, Phase 2 Extension, DHA Karachi
Phone+92 300 321-8210101, +92 300-2104442