Monday 25 January, 2021 |
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Al-Ilm Trust

Aims & Objectives

  • To maintain, equip, expand and to repair the building of Al-Ilm Institute and its properties
  • To preach the teachings of Islamic Maslak and faith of Ahley Sunnnat Wal Jammat.
  • To acquire properties by lawful means for the expansion uplift and progress of the Institute.
  • To make necessary arrangements for teaching of Holy Qur’an, Arabic Language and Hadees and also recitation of Holy Qur’an along with the teaching of Islamic Maslak and faith of Ahley Sunnnat Wal Jammat to the students.
  • To secure, receive, accept and manage funds, donations and grants, endowments and any other moveable properties from lawful sources within the country and to utilize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the Institute.
  • The institute shall run on non-commercial and non-political basis.

Managing Committee of Al-Ilm Trust

The Managing Committee comprises of following Office bearers and members:

  • President – Mr. Najmul Hassan
  • Vice President – Huma Najmul Hassan
  • General Secretary – Mehnaz Alavi
  • Finance Secretary – Saadia Siddiqi Motiwala
  • Joint Secretary – Mr. Sohail Ahmed
  • Members – Mr. Aftab Siddiqi, Shahnaz Siddiqi